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Your results are the outcomes of your expectations


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Hi there Harrison and Lynda

First, I have to say "Thank You" - from the bottom of my heart! The timing of the call was perfect. I had completely lost touch with "expectation" and have been struggling in so many ways: financial, relationship, vision, .... and could feel this mantra starting to form in my mind...."why bother" (...because nothing I have envisioned for my life was manifesting - in fact, it was going opposite!) The doubt/disbelief recently peaked with me running my vision board through the shredder! I needed to hear this talk on "expectation" - it reset my understanding of the concept. In a previous relationship, I was scolded for having any expectations - I felt confused about the topic.

I would like to order the materials from tonights call ($67). I am also interested in the workshop - the material tonight was resonating a LOT and I would like to strengthen my grasp on these teachings. Both Harrison and Linda are great teachers - disseminating the complicated into the understandable/tangible! I was so touched with the prison story, and the earthquake experience that Linda had.

I shed a lot of tears as the door opened again. What a cool gift. Thank You.

Blessings to you all,
Nancy Ravensong

Date: 7/17/08

Dear Quantum Traveler,

Right now, many people we talk to are rapidly giving up on their lifetime dreams and aspirations.

I do hope this is not your situation… you are way too close to give up.

As you're undoubtedly aware, the movie The Secret has completely changed the way people are looking at their lives, and the way they go about attracting things into their life.

But, is something missing with The Secret?

How is that one person can watch the movie or read the book, and experience incredible breakthroughs in wealth creation, goal fulfillment and overall happiness in their life? And others have very little to no success with the principles at all.

You know the types that succeed… they seem to have that magic touch… everything they walk by seems to turn to shimmering 24 K gold. They are definitely no smarter than you… nor do they seem to work any harder.

While others study the movie from front to back, memorize the book, and yet still struggle along with the most basic of the attraction principles.

You ARE worthy of the same financial independence, freedom, happiness and endless opportunity you see demonstrated in the lives of The Secret Teachers.

So, what's the real deal with this Law of Expectation and making it work in your life?

This is something I have a tough time understanding.

Over the past year, Lynda Dyer and I have talked to hundreds of people about how the law is working in their lives.

Some people took what they learned and achieved massive results in minimal time.

Others are still trying to figure it out.

So I went back to the drawing board…

I thought back to when I struggled with the most basic of attraction principles… and the frustration I felt… the from-the-heart desperation.

And we realized that The Law of Attraction is only half the equation

The other untaught half is


Harrison & Lynda,

You do not know how much, I appreciate what you guys did tonight. I look foreword to the time when I’ll get to spend some time with you guys personally. I feel I am now prepared and have the tool to do what ever it takes. There are just somethings that I know, I was meant to do and this process helps me succeed and I’ll surely pass it on.

I have a story, and with this Law of Expectation I’m now making an amazing future. I'm 43 still working on my first Million but I know with this support and my focus and actions. It is done. I’m thrilled I have the opportunity to be one of the many "Law of Expectation Success Stories".

Thank you

Linda Landor
Prescott, AZ 86303

A man is buried under tons of rubble for a week after a massive earthquake. He survives

A child was saved in the same disaster because she knew help would come

Thousands of books were printed and distributed without having money to do so.

A teacher expects a deliquent student to excel. She lets him know and he does.

All championship level athletes train expecting to win

Successful people expect their actions to produce the results they want.

For most of us the skill and practice of Expectation has either been lost or corrupted by years of frustration, disappointment, lack of belief, low self esteem, or half truths we've accepted as whole ones.

The Law of Expectation is a neglected, undervalued part of acheiving and manifesting our desires. It is so overlooked, in fact, that it rarely even enters our conscious waking moments even when we set out to practice the principles of manifestation by design.

The Law of Expectation is the cosmic force that sets up recieving what we've asked and worked for, and without it, nothing comes through to the physical world.

We know that our subconscious provides the mechanics of our world results.

We know that the subconscious carries the programming in us that brings us the beauty and the love or the frustration, the pain, the wealth or poverty, the health or the sickness.

Yet, what we haven't been taught is that even our attempts to understand and utilize the subconscious requires certain expectation of the results we want.

Now, in this candid program Lynda and I show you exactly how to unleash


Because this is so important, so forgotten and so under-communicated in teaching the laws of the universe, Lynda and I decided that The Law of Expectation finally deserves its own spotlight.

After all The Law of Attration doesn't work without the Law of Expectation!


Listen To This Sample Audio Clip From The Law of Expectation


Feel like you're taking one step forward and two steps back?

You can stop this IMMEDIATELY …

but it's not going to happen by just thinking positive thoughts.
How many years now have you lived your life thinking you might not be as smart, as cunning, as gifted, as talented as the people you see succeeding around you?

Take heart.


When you learn how to utilize the Law of Expectation you will
1. Consciously Get What You Expect

2. Be the Absolute driver of your results

3. Be certain of the outcomes of your actions

4. Dissolve your Limiting Beliefs

5. Shoot your Self Esteem through the roof

6. Live in a state of Self Confidence

7. Have ever increasing Clarity

8. Find your Purpose

9. Your effectiveness will become stronger and stronger

10.Always feel deserving of what you want

11. Always feel worthy of what you want

12. Always get dynamically more measurable results

11. And more much much more...


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Hi Harrison and Lynda,

The call was phenomenal, and action packed with insightful secrets on sustained success!
We can’t wait for the transcript and recording, which we just invested in, and added one more registration, as had a New Zealand client ask to join us just moments before.
Congratulations all around and let’s connect again real soon!

Ki Lin of


The reason the Law of Attraction is inconsistent and only half consciously effective for most people is that they are only half hearted about the expectation of getting what they want or need

The reason the Law of Attraction often produces misdirected results is that people are pogrammed not to expect the outcomes they want.

The reason the Law of Attraction often doesn't manifest at all, even after tremendous effort, fo some people, is their misunderstandings and limiting beliefs about how to reel in results.

The reason why many people fall short of getting what they want and need is that they only know half the process. Can you run a car with half the engine?

This Law of Expectation program is designed to fill in the missing gap, complete the manifestation pocess and act as the final delivery link.

Its the fedex of the cosmic connection

The reason why the Law of Attraction doesn't often manifest what we want at all is that we self sabotage our expectations

This program is designed to ovecome all these shortcomings!

Heard your call yesterday. It was the best time I've
invested yet. Someday, I will ask you to consider me into one of your
Please remember my name so maybe when I call, you will will want to say,
"Yes, come on down" -- no, no, I mean "Come into my class."
Sending warm wishes for your assured continued success...

When you combine the key factors taught by this program, you'll begin to experience “coincidental” and measured successes in every area of your life.

You'll begin to trust your intuition and follow an inner guidance you might not have given much credence to before.

You'll begin to immediately attract into your life the people and opportunities that don't just give you a helping hand or a step up - they will catapult your progress...

With your order, you also receive 6 BONUS gifts of full-length lessons sent via e-mail on specifically how to implement The Law of EXPECTATION into your life, PLUS an Unpublished Bonus we've just added that will further help with that implementation … because implementation is the key,

… what will your life be like THEN?

Get started on that answer today.

Here's What You Get In The

The Law of Expectation Package!

The Law of Expectation E-Book by Harrison Klein and Lynda Dyer.

Bonus #1
Harrison Klein and Lynda Dyer
Audio CD on The Laws of Expectation

Bonus #2
Joe Dispenza D.C.
The Science behind the Law of Expectation
...from the books - What the Bleep do we Know, Evolve your Brain and The Science of Changing your Mind

Bonus #3
Dr. John Demartini
Values Report

Bonus #4
Lynda Dyer
Law of Expectation - Love

Bonus #5
Harrison Klein
Levels/Dimensions of Consciousness

Bonus #6
Lynda Dyer
The China Story

Total Value over $247


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You know as well as I do...

…there IS a way to master the Law of Expectation.

There is ample supply of evidence to prove this the case.

So, if you are sick and tired of watching others miraculously attract money, happiness, and relationships into their lives… and it's finally your turn… pick up a copy of these audios right now.

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Listen to the CD from start to finish. Absorb the wisdom of it. Read through the transcripts taking notes along the way on exactly where you will apply The Law of Expectation into your life… then take the action steps we give you on the audio.

After you take the action steps supplied… after you have listened, even memorized, these master lessons… only then can you honestly say if the advice will work for you or not.

If you can show us ample proof that you did all of this and still are at a lack for noticeable results, we can either give you one-on-one help to MAKE it happen… or we will refund your money entirely.

But, the one thing you must do this time, if you haven't before, is to take action on our recommended steps.

Hi Harrison and Lynda,

Every one of these calls has been indescribably AMAZING!
Thank you so much for putting this together!! You are doing a great job!!
I can hardly keep up with all these incredible minds and collective
Thanks for your e-mail with the mp3 download page info too.
Wishing you an other beautiful day!

Best regards,


EXPECTATION ACTION is the missing link to making this Law work.

Start taking action right now by getting your copy of this course

It isn't about sitting back on your couch while you watch Desperate Housewives dreaming about how you will spend all your money. It's about learning how the Law works… following the blueprint that is handed to you step-by-step and doing everything we tell you to do.

Only THEN can you honestly expect the Law to work for you like it has for others.

Think back to those who DO attract great things in their life…

…think hard about how they live their lives… start noticing the actions they take on a daily basis… start thinking about the hints they may have dropped when talking to you.

Doesn't it start to make sense now?

Chances are they are taking action and applying what they learned.

Now it's your turn!

Get your copy today and make it happen like you want.

No more excuses.

This time, the missing link is showing it's pretty little face… and it's up to you to notice it.

Thanks Harrison, and Lynda, I promise that I will use this course to attract everything I want into my life…

To your manifesting success!

PS: The investment in this course is truly nothing if you finally get the results you want… right? You will make that back in no time. Consider this your second chance to master your desired results with The Law of Expectation.

I know this will work for you - if you work the blueprint given to you.

No exceptions and no dreamersThe Law of Expectation only works for those who apply it into every area of their lives. This exclusive audio series and manual hands you the missing link to making The Law of Expectation work.

Make this one the one that does what you want… be it money… happiness… or relationships… this private series is not available elsewhere and is guaranteed to deliver the missing link you've been looking for.


Get your copy now and start making it work for you

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Money Back Guarantee:

If for some reason in the next 60-days you decide that these amazing interviews do not help you finally master the Law of Attraction once and for all, We will personally refund 100% of your purchase price - No Questions Asked! And, you may keep the free bonuses as our gift to you as a thank-you for your interest in mastering the Law of Expectation to benefit yourself and the rest of us.


Best of Success,

Harrison Klein Lynda Dyer

Harrison and Lynda

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